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The first Jotun (or Frost Giants) were formed from the sweat of Ymir as he lay sleeping in Ginnungagap. They grew in number before being drowned in the blood of Ymir where only two survived. Bergelmir and his wife survived in Jötunheimr in the great mountain-citadel Utgard. Giants are massive, misshapen creatures. They often have multiple heads or limbs, and may not even resemble humans at all in their appearance.

Jötnar cannot stand the touch of the sun and fortunately for them, Jötunheimr is covered above by a thick, grey cloud and below by a stinging blue mist. Their offspring, the Giants, do not share this aversion and they often march on Nyrgarðr to cause war and trouble.

They were banished to Jötunheimr by the Æsir who refused them entry to their world, Asgard. The Jötnar frequently interact with the Æsir, as well as the Vanir. They are usually in opposition to, or in competition with, them but also interact with them in a non-hostile manner. Some Jötnar even intermarry with the Æsir and Vanir. Many of the Giants were slain at Ragnarök on the field of Vígríðr. Notably the ones in direct opposition to the ÆsirLoki and his sons Fenrir and Jormungand.

The Jötnar

The children of Bergelmir are numerous, and many of their names can be found listed here.

Asvid is the King of the Jötun who lives at Uthgárdr.
Afanc is a massive shape-shifting lake monster who inhabits lake (TBD).
Ysbaddaden, a Jötun King, who is fated to die should his daughter Olwen ever marry.
Olwen a giantess so fair and beautiful that white lillies grow in her footsteps.
Angrboda is the widow of Lokí and mother to Hel, Fenrir, and Jormugndr.

Lesser Giants

Ogres are short, squat giants whose short temper, easily bruised egos, and violent streaks cause untold amounts of damage.
Ettins are giants who have multiple heads which constantly bicker
Fomorians are chimeric giants whose forms are unique as they are hideous.
Firbolgs are grotesque giants descended from Jötun who were defeated in battle.

GM Notes

Giants were many of the antagonists in Norse mythology, being on par with the Aesir in power. In some of the stories, Loki is even a giant that was adopted into the Aesir. Many of the more powerful giants died at Ragnarok – but not all. Notably Hel (Loki’s daughter) survived the apocalypse…

Giants do not make good player characters, and are reserved for use as antagonists.


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