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Character Worksheet

Character Idea

Character Name: Landon
High Concept: Disciple of the Ivory Shroud
Trouble: The Manners of a Goat

Phase Trio

Phase One: My Adventure

Adventure: Landon gets into a bar fight with some of the Scar Triad. He is robbed of his sword and beaten severely. His life is saved by a veteran soldier named Old Finn. Finn helps to heal Landon, clean him up, and enlist him in the town militia.
Landon’s Aspect: I Owe Old Finn Everything

Phase Two: Crossing Paths

Adventure: When Landon tells Cynere his story, she takes pity on him and decides to help him recover his lost sword.
Cynere’s Aspect: A Sucker for a Sob Story

Phase Three: Crossing Paths Again

Adventure: Zird’s had dealings with the Scar Triad before and knows where the sword might be kept. He explains that the Scar Triad commissioned and then stole alchemy items from him. He doesn’t necessarily want the items back, but explosives always come in handy… evil grin
Zird’s Aspect: A Wizard Never Forgets


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