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Game Creation

Please read the Fate Core SRD on Game Creation
We’ll be going though some Game Creation on our first night, so please have some idea what we’ll be doing. Obviously the genre is going to be Norse/Celtic (focusing on Icelandic/Irish) but the details of what kind of story we want to tell in this setting will be decided together.

Character Creation

The “character creation” is fairly straight-forward and we’ll likely do it together on-site.

Aspects during creation

Here’s the 4 aspects we’ll be adding on the first session:

  • High Concept – What is your character’s “deal” ? What sets them apart from everyone else?
  • Trouble – What makes your character flawed?
  • Hero of Heroes – What event or attribute sets you apart from all other heroes or champions?
  • All for One, One for All – What event or attribute sets your character firmly in this group?

The final fifth aspect is reserved for creation at a later date.

Stunts during creation

FAE recommends creating only one stunt, and filling the rest in as appropriate during play.


The only extras we’ll be using during play is Magic. Magic is described on the Extras page but keep in mind that it costs 2 refresh.


Nyrgarðr Maethalion Maethalion