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The Æsir are the gods of war who live in palaces on the shining plain of Idavoll in Asgarðr. They respect valor, strength, prowess, and victory. They spend their time playing games on golden chessboards and telling tales of the world that was that only they know. They may give special blessings to wars or duels but otherwise do not regularly involve themselves in the affairs of men. Some, however, grow bored of the pastoral life on Idavoll and stir up conflict in the world of men.

The Divine Æsir

Vili, brother of Odin, who wanders the worlds lost.
, brother of Odin, who sleeps at the root of Yggdrasil.
Víðarr, son of Odin, wielder of Grungir, slayer of Fenrir, god of Gods.
Valí, son of Odin, expert marksman, god of Vengeance.
Baldr, son of Odin, god of Light and Purity.
Höðr, son of Odin, the blind god and companion to Hel.
Thruðr, daughter of Thor, heiress to Mjölnir, goddess of War.
Móði, son of Thor, god of Anger.
Magni, son of Thor, god of Strength.

The Common Æsir

The Æsir and Ásynjur are the sons and daughters of the Divine Æsir and make up most of the inhabitants of Asgarðr.

Valkyries are the shield-maidens who carry the honored dead to rest at the Hall of Gimli. Notably, Shaker and Mist, Axe Time and Raging, Warrior and Might, Shrieking, Host Fetter and Screaming, Spear Bearer, Shield Bearer, and Wrecker of Plans are among the most valorous of Valkyr and attended Baldr at his death and funeral pyre.
Einherjar are the honored dead who survived Ragnarök and live in the Hall of Gimli.

GM Notes

The Aesir are the traditional Norse gods (Thor, Odin, etc) and are the driving force behind the political landscape of men and the influence of Norse culture on the setting. None are nearly as powerful as the old gods before Ragnarok and they do not hold as many domains as they used to. They are involved mostly in the struggle for power against giants, elves, and dwarves and thus have little use for men outside of their own interests. A notable shift in behavior is the change of responsibilities of the Valkyries who, instead of carrying the honored dead to Valhalla, defend Asgard and lead assaults on the other eight worlds.

Aesir characters are one of the Common Aesir. They have magic and power, but do not preside over any given aspect or portion of creation (like the War or Order). They may play a part in the court of the gods, or have a particular duty or responsibility (e.g. making sure the weather is clear for war on the first of spring) but otherwise do not play a particular potent role in the affairs of gods and men (besides their actions in-game of course)

Sample Stunts

  • Once per game session because I am an Aesir I can grow to giant size for the duration of a scene.
  • Once per game session, because I am a Valkyrie, I can appear at the side of someone who is about to die in combat.
  • Because I fought at ragnarock I gain a +2 bonus when attacking or defending against Giants.
  • Because I am a shield maiden of Thrudr I gain a +2 bonus to defending when I use my shield.


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