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The Drekí (or Dragons) were born from the ruptured corpse of Níðhöggr. Níðhöggr survived Ragnarök (being in Niflheim) only to finally eat his fill of the World Tree Yggdrasil. Once he had eaten his fill, he died, and his body cracked open to reveal thousands of eggs. Eventually these eggs hatched, and from them many serpents, dragons, and drakes came forth.

Notable Dragons

Níðhöggr is a wyrm whose corpse resides in Helheimr, where it gnaws on the spirits of those guilty of murder, adultery, and oath-breaking.
Belinda (Black Dragon)
Lyngbakr is a massive Hufgufa which slept through Ragnarök.
Morag is an infamous Krake who preys on ships which carry virgins.
Seileag is a beautiful, benevolent, silver Krake who helps those lost at sea.
Landvættur is a deep blue drake.
Ddraig Goch is a brilliant red drake.

Types of Dragons

Drakes are four-legged winged reptilian dragons (the classic kind of dragon). They are typically benevolent, and consider people to be their treasure.
Wyrms a wyrm is a serpent-like dragon which may fly using magic. They are typically evil and desire gold above all else.
Krake are thin eel-like sea serpents which punch holes in ships to feast on human flesh.
Hufgufa are massive sea-dragons resemble turtles and when surfaced are often mistaken for islands.
Wyvern are two-legged dragons which have a saw-tooth beak and a scorpion tail.


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