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The Elves whose home is Álfheimr which is near Asgard. Elves (and their lesser kin Faeries) are generally self-serving creatures (not wholly malevolent like the Dwarves) who did not regularly interact with the world of men while Odin presided over it. Now, after Ragnarök, they have become much more bold in their dealings with the world of men.

Noble Elves

The elven courts are composed of aged, powerful, and elevated fae.

Dain is the King of the Evles.
Arawn is a Daoine Sidhe who is king of the wild hunt.
Gwyllion is an Aos Sidhe who is king of the mountains.
Viridios is an Aos Sidhe who is king of the forests.


The Sidhe are elves proper, who appear as tall, beautiful humans.

Daoine Sidhe are masters of skill and knowledge.
Aos Sidhe are lovers and guardians of nature.
Leanan Sidhe inspire creativity in mortals in exchange for life energy.
Sluagh Sidhe feed on the spirits of the dead.
Bean Sidhe are fortune tellers and sooth sayers.
Baobhan Sidhe are cursed to feed on blood of men.


Muntælfen (mountain elf)
Landælf (field elf)
Wæterælfen or Saeælfen (water nymph)
Wuduælfen (wood spirit)
Black Dog is a canine faerie who appears to guide lost travelers to safety.
Dhearga are plump, ugly, short faeries whose involvement human affairs often leads to trouble.
Gwaragedd are faeries who live under water and enjoy giving mixed blessings or double-edged gifts.
Phouka are faeries who live to prank and play tricks on humans and embody the definition of capriciousness.
Spriggans are squat, disproportioned faeries who guard lost treasures.
Pixies are faeries of flowers, and pollinate crops.
Coblynau live in mines and cause untold mischief and even cave-ins.
Cŵn are the spectral hounds of the wild hunt whose braying gets softer the closer they are.
WodeWose are feral forest faeries who are part animal, part man.

GM Notes

There’s very little written about norse elves/faeries, and thus the majority of this list is taken from Norse “Light Elves”, Celtic Seelie Fey, or otherwise pop-culture inspired. With the major players among the Aesir and Giants dead, the Elf courts are trying to assert their power over creation and claim dominion over aspects and powers.

Elf characters belong to one of the Sidhe casts. Faeries themselves are too tied to a specific location, task, or responsibility and too weak to make good characters for this setting. Elf characters can be from a noble house and may be up to Prince/Princess in their house (King/Queen is theoretically obtainable through play, either through usurpation or creation of a new house). An elf who is prominent in their house may have responsibilities and political intrigue related to it.


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