You can learn a magic at character creation or at a significant milestone. Once learned, you cannot “unlearn” it to gain the refresh back.

  1. Reduce Refresh by 2.
  2. Alter or select an aspect that reflects a magical tradition: Aesir, Vanir, Elf, Druid, Wizard, Bard, Runesmith, or other setting-appropriate tradition. (Ice Giant, Fire Giant, or Dwarf are frowned on)
  3. Choose an approach to use your magic with (typically careful or clever)
  4. Use the approach to attack, defend, overcome an obstacle, and create an advantage using Magic. (So long as the description of your action uses the narratively appropriate magic.)
  • (Optional) Reduce Refresh by 1 for an additional tradition/approach pairing.

Example Magics.


  • Cost: 2 Refresh
  • Aspect: Bard of the Order of Leipnaz
  • Approach: Flashy

Fate_Create.png A bard can use magic to influence another person’s decision-making ability.
Fate_Overcome.png A bard cannot typically use magic to overcome obstacles unless the challenge or contest is verbal in nature.
Fate_Attack.png A bard can use magic to directly harm someone’s social standing or emotional well-being.
Fate_Defend.png A bard can use magic to defend their social standing, emotional well-being, or decision-making ability.


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