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Rjúfendr (Fire Giants) are the children of Surtr who live in Muspellheim.

Unlike the Jötun, Fire Giants are strengthened by the sun and weakened without it’s light. (The sun is made from the fires of Muspellheim). At night, the stars (also fire) give some strength to the Giants, enough to keep them alive, but they often make massive bonfires around their camps which last until dawn.

Notable Fire Giants

Surtr (Deceased) Father of all the Fire Giants.
Sinmara Mother of all the Fire Giants, made entirely of gold.

Types of Fire Giants

Múspellsmegir are black as obsidian and have molten cracks running through them.
Valaraukar are winged giants made of shadow and flame.
Spilli are massive destructive creatures. Their left hands replaced by wrecking hammers which they use to destroy creation.
Kulrath are giants made entirely of fire, encased in black iron armor.


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