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Æsir (War Gods)
Vanir (Fertility Gods)
Álfar (Elves)
Menn (Humans)
Dvergar (Dwarves)
Jötnar (Jotun or Frost Giants)
Niflátinn (The Dead)
Dreki (Dragons)
Rjúfendr (Destroyers or Fire Giants)

The Nine Worlds

Ásgarðr Land of the War Gods (Heaven)
Vanaheimr Home of the Fertility Gods
Álfheimr Home of the Elves
Nyrgarðr The new middle earth and home of humankind
Niðavellir Home of the Dwarves
Jötunheimr Home of the Jotun
Helheimr Home of the dead
Niflheimr Primordial realm of Ice and Entropy
Muspellsheimr Primordial realm of Fire and Destruction


Creation of the Universe
Creation of Midgard
The Elder Edda (History of Midgard and the Aesir Legends)
Destruction of Midgard at Ragnarök and creation of Nyrgard
The Younger Edda (Early history of Nyrgard and the PCs Legends)

FATE Accelerated Edition

This section will contain adaptations or clarifications to the ruleset
Fate Accelerated Edition SRD
FAE Character Sheets
Or you can use the game-specific image below: (it won’t let me upload a PDF)
Example of Play
Extras that will be used.
Approaches that will be used
Clarification on Boosts
Game Creation Notes

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