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The undead of Nyrgarðr fall into two categories: Animated Corpses or Ghosts. Animated corpses are just that. A dead body which could be perfectly preserved or just a skeleton has been animated through magical means. They can be simple constructs given a single command such as “guard” or “kill” or they can be intelligent undead – even imbued with a sentient spirit.

Ghosts are the opposite. Disembodied souls who have been twisted or denied passage into the afterlife for some reason or another. Common causes are improper burials or dishonorable deaths. While most cannot directly interact with the world, they can harm the spirits of other living creature and sometimes possess them.

Talk about afterlife:
? No more Valhalla – hall of Gimli.
Red Gold Palace.
??? Nostragund

Notable Undead

Hel the daughter of Lokí who rules over the realm of the dead – Helheimr. She is half dead and half alive, split down the middle vertically.
Bolcan the smith of murder-weapons.
Garm the blood-stained Gwyllgi of the road to Hel’s gate. He never leaves his post.

Kinds of Undead

Haugbui are animated corpses who jealously guard their burial mound
Draugr are powerful, intelligent, animated corpses who guard their tombs with powerful spells and combat prowess. Their skin is typically shaded blue and tattooed with strange runes.
Aptrgangr are animated corpses who did not get a proper burial, and thus roam the world.
Völva are animated female corpses who possess powerful sorcery and prophesy. To those who would dig them up, they impart secret knowledge in exchange for their freedom.
Navarlach are skeletons animated through necromancy.
Dearg-due are the ghosts of unjustly slain/unavenged women who eat and drink the flesh and blood of men.
Sluagh are the ghosts of vile men who Hel releases on Nyrgardr as punishment for those who do good.
Wichtlein are ghosts who cannot rest because they have unfinished business and haunt their friends, family, or enemies.
Gwyllgi are frightful apparitions of a mastiff with baleful breath and blazing red eyes. They haunt roads at night and can run without tiring but cannot leave the road which they haunt.


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