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The Vanir are the gods of fertility, life, and living. Their domains more closely revolve around the lives of men, and are more directly worshipped, sacrificed to, and enshrined.

The Vanir are masters of sorcery and magic. They are also widely recognized for their talent to predict the future. Nobody knows where the land, Vanaheim lies, or even what it looks like. When the war between the Aesir and the Vanir ended, three of the Vanir came to live in Asgard, Njörðr and his children Freya and Freyr.

The Divine Vanir

Lugna, god of the Sun who replaces Sól after her death at Ragnarok.
Saleera, Unara, Duara, daughters of Lugna, goddesses of the Moon.
Govannon, god of Smithcraft.
Ogma, god of Eloquence.
Gwydion, god of Magic.
Njörðr, god of the Sea.
Sigval, god of the Storm.
Arddhu, god of trees, forests, and agriculture.
Freyja, daughter of Njörðr, goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility.
Ullr, god of the Hunt.
Brigit, daughter of Lugna, goddess of Fire and Healing.
Necht, god of Rivers and Lakes, Fishing, and Wells.
Mímir, the dismembered head of the god of Prophesy.
The Norns, the three goddesses of Fate: Wyrd (Past), Verðandi (Present), and Skuld (Future)

The Common Vanir

Dísr are the weavers of fate and servants of Wyrd who appear at a person’s birth.
Fylgja are the weavers of fate and servants of Skuld who appear when someone meets their fate.
Vörðr are the guardians, wardens, and caretakers of sacred places.
Hamingja are gods of luck who are ever interfering with the work of Verðandi.
Valravn are the raven offspring of Hugin and Munin who give wisdom to men.
Tomte are house gods which watch over families.

GM Notes

The Vanir reflect the Celtic aspect of the Nyrgardr setting. Historically, it is originally thought that the Vanir were the native deities before Odin and his company were brought up from the south. Since there isn’t much known about them (save the few that feature in the Eddas) it was easy to graft the Celtic Gods into them, and allow a Celtic culture to permeate an otherwise Norse setting.

Vanir characters are one of the Common Vanir. They have magic and power, but do not preside over any given aspect or portion of creation (like the Sun or Justice). They may play a part in the court of the gods, or have a particular duty or responsibility (e.g. making the wind blow south on the first day of Autumn) but otherwise do not play a particular potent role in the affairs of gods and men (besides their actions in-game of course)

Sample Stunts

  • Once per game session because I am a Vanir I can look into a persons future and see glimpses of their fate.
  • because I am a Vanir I gain a +2 bonus when I create an advantage or overcome an obstacle using magic.


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